PRO100 - software for kitchen, bathroom and office interior design and for furniture design

Unmatched speed

Designing with PRO100 is quick and intuitive. Interior design is ready in several minutes. Furniture design – even quicker. The software accurately reproduces the real-life processes. Use forms and hardware to mount furniture, and the software will do the rest. No need to use any complex generating programs or modules. We are proud to say that most of our customers do not need our training or advice.

Instant visualization

Visualization with PRO100 is an immediate process. Every design update is introduced and displayed on-the-fly. Need to rearrange the furniture or update its construction? How about a change in the colour of panels, fronts, walls; handles replacement; change of milling and the colour of doors, the colour of sofa upholstery or even a tablecloth? All this happens instantly. For our most demanding clients we have prepared an additional rendering module – PRO100 Kray.

Application flexibility

If you deliver a wide array of designs, you need a versatile tool. With PRO100 you can design any piece of furniture from scratch. Form a cupboard, through a desk, all the way to a walk-in wardrobe or a dresser. The software enables design of every kind of interior: kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, shop, chemist, beauty salon among others. No limitations, no surcharges. Just full freedom of designing.


PRO100 is a tool for creative minds. Create your own pieces of furniture from scratch, import files exported from other programs and found online. Make your own libraries of models and materials for future use. Wherever your imagination takes you, PRO100 will follow.

List of forms and reports

PRO100 automatically generates a list of forms, set of elements and reports of used materials based on your design. The reports include all changes made in construction and in dimensions of used elements. Regardless of the volume of alterations, the report will always accurately reflect your design. This is the only solution on the market allowing such flexibility in generating lists of forms.

Instant costing

Change irritation into a smile. Thanks to PRO100 you can answer questions like "how much would it cost, if we changed this..." right away. Without the need of additional calculations. PRO100 uses your input data to estimate the cost taking into account the materials and elements used. All this with just one click of a button. It simply cannot be any easier or faster.

Custom libraries

Your company, your ideas, your libraries. Create your own furniture models and material patterns, then use them the way you want. Add new elements, edit the existing ones, import elements found online or received from friends. Organize your own library however you like and whenever you like. PRO100 is the only software that makes it this simple.

Excellent work organization

Use PRO100 to provide all the information. You can send designs or reports. This way all the necessary information is passed on accurately. Use Nowy Rozkrój to optimize the material use and to utilize waste products more efficiently.

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