PRO100 V6

Out now. We are pleased and proud to present the latest version of the PRO100 software.


Changes in the visualization quality:


  • Environment mapping (chrome, reflection simulation on curved surfaces),
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  • Closure of the environment (a more realistic model of light distribution),
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  • Designs export to 3D panoramas (including VR glasses, mobile devices, web sites),
    See a panorama
  • Export to *.jpg files ,
  • Works with Kray renderer.
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New design features:

  • Possibility to swap any part, e.g. handles, fittings, drawers,
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  • Implementation of parts IDs,
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  • Solids of revolution editor,
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  • 3D text editor,
  • Distance tool,
  • Distribution tool (e.d. for shelves or lights arrangement at equal distances from each other),
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  • Explode tool (e.g. for assembly instructions),
  • Export to a 3D *.obj file,
  • Rotation with the use of a mouse,
  • Visibility of a part or scene axis,
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  • Colours on the controls referring to the axes,
  • Moving/rotating with the use of an Alt key,
  • New functionality of a Ctrl key: going inside the blocked group with a double click,
  • Independent rotation of selected part,
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  • Setting the default rotation of a part or a group,
  • Resetting rotations,
  • Larger selection handles,
  • New, enhanced dialogue boxes,
  • New method of exports to Rozkrój (assigning forms to groups, defining names, etc.),
  • Possibility to edit blocked solids,
  • New functionality of the structure feature (selecting a part highlighted on the scene with an indication of the path).